Fountain Asset

As a merchant bank with entrepreneurial roots, Fountain Asset invests in companies with potential for significant growth, and that require financing between $500 thousand and $10 million. Fountain brings a wealth of experience from a broad range of disciplines and industries, including general management, corporate restructuring, banking, consumer packaged goods, gaming and retail – we then leverage our network and expertise, and operationally, financially, and strategically assist our client companies in executing on their growth, in turn yielding significant returns for the company and Fountain.


  • We finance your company and optimize your balance sheet. Fountain has the know-how to develop the proper capitalization structure for your business, and structure deals to provide the best return for shareholders and investors.
  • Typically, Fountain will lead the investment with our own funds and bring in our financial partners to top up the remaining funding requirement. The investors we bring to the table provide applicable strategic value to the investee company.
  • Fountain takes care of all aspects of the financing – from putting together the legal documents to more importantly, analyzing and modelling out the company and deciphering the funding requirement necessary to boost operations and achieve the growth strategies set out. We also take care of any subordinations or legal actions that need to take place in order to clean up the company.
  • Additionally, we will leverage our 13-year experience in putting together deals to creatively structure the capital raise in the most efficient and effective manner possible, whether it is convertible debt, straight debt, equity, equity with warrant coverage, bridge loan, etc. We analyze our clients on case by case basis, and put together the most appropriate structure for their specific company.
  • Furthermore, our investment does not end with the initial funding, in fact it only begins there. Once invested, we are partners with the company, and will continue to source capital for our client company when required to continue to meet growth targets.
  • Once Fountain closes the initial investment, we proceed to assist in an advisory capacity by rolling up our sleeves and developing a thorough understanding of the business, both from a strategic and economic standpoint. We then marry the two to help accelerate growth and profits within the client company.
  • We leverage Fountain’s vast war chest of financial and operational expertise to manage the financial back end of the company and optimize the operations; whether that is by sourcing product, analyzing capital requirements, optimizing purchasing cycles, providing a week to week cash flow and P&L breakdown, etc.
  • If necessary, Fountain also brings in the right strategic people, both internally from our team, and externally, to fuel the growth in the company and connect the client with synergistic companies and customers.
  • We can also assist with regulatory requirements and corporate adherence, so you can focus on taking care of the more importance aspects of your business.
Learn about M&A GUIDANCE
  • As a significant strategic investor, Fountain is constantly on the lookout for M&A opportunities that will be accretive and strategic to your company and its investors. We have developed an extensive network of relationships over our 13-year history, and will leverage this network of contacts to widen your customer base through accretive acquisitions and joint-partnerships.
  • We stay with you every step of the way, bringing opportunities to the table, and extending advice throughout the entire process by way of modelling and analyzing the potential opportunity the M&A can bring to your company.
  • We also identify private to public arbitrage opportunities, and maximize the value that your business deserves.
  • Fountain can set the table and follow through on a ‘go public’ endeavor for your company, streamlining the due diligence, legal, regulatory, funding and procedural obstacles.
  • We have the experience to resolve any and all concerns during the IPO process, and ensure a smooth public transition.
  • We will take care of all the details, including:

    • Reviewing of advisory bodies, including the Board of Directors, to ensure complementary skills and adherence to corporate and securities law requirements
    • Performing due diligence for financials including reviewing and validating the financial risk and control framework, creating and developing the company prospectus
    • Determination of, and preparation for, major milestones regarding regulatory requirements
    • Identification of risks that impact the going public procedure
    • Support for presentations and discussions with potential investors
    • Addressing questions that arise from filing, documentation etc.