TORONTO, ONTARIO – GC-Global Capital Corp. (“Global Capital”) (TSX Venture Exchange “GDE.A”) announces its financial results for the second quarter ending June 30, 2013.

Overall Second Quarter Performance

As at June 30, 2013 GC’s net assets were valued at $8.47 million or $0.44 per share compared to $9.23 million or $0.48 per share as at December 31, 2012. The $0.76 million dollar change in net assets is principally due to a net loss of $0.76 million.

The net loss for the six months ended June, 2013 was $755,957 (2012 – loss of $415,707). The loss was primarily due to operations and equity method investment losses in the first six months and loss before equity investment gains. A portion of the losses for the quarter ended stem from the delay in the launch of Marathon Mortgage Corporation (“MMC”), a core holding of the Company. MMC is a residential mortgage origination, sales and servicing company registered across Canada. Net loss per share was $0.04 (2012 – loss of $0.02). In 2013, the management team is focusing on reversing the impact of non-cash, valuation sources where possible. Progress is being made on reversing these non-cash expenses will focus on: 1) recovering capital from legacy bridge loans which have been written down, 2) identifying opportunities to reduce the provision for loan losses, 3) improving the valuation of equity investments through working with management to drive net profit, 4) capturing improvements in the United States real estate market.

As at June 30, 2013, Global Capital had $313,592 in cash and short-term investments and $480,706 of portfolio investments in publicly traded companies. The Company had $1,480,125 in notes receivable, bridge loans and convertible debentures due within one year. In managements’ opinion, the Company has sufficient resources to meet its current cash flow requirements.

A full set of unaudited financial statements and related notes have been filed on SEDAR.

Global Capital also announces it has entered into an office space leasing agreement with a company owned by a director of Global Capital. The leasing agreement provides Global Capital with office space on a month to month lease agreement. Global Capital will pay $900/month plus HST for the rental space effective Jan 1, 2013 (in arrears). This is part of the Company’s ongoing effort to reduce costs while its core holdings develop their business operations. This related party transaction was approved at the August 28, 2013 Board meeting following a review of the TSX Venture Exchange response which stated that the TSX Venture Exchange did not object to the non-arm’s length party transaction. The Company’s corporate governance practices were applied to this non-arm’s length party transaction. The disinterested directors reviewed and approved this transaction as required pursuant to the Company’s own Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Exchange Policy 3.1 Director, Officers, Other Insiders & Personnel and Corporate Governance. A letter discussing the results of the disinterested directors’ review of the nonarm’s length party transaction was sent to the TSX Venture Exchange for review. The letter detailed the disinterested directors’ review of the proposed transaction with the accompanying statement that the disinterested directors did not object to the non-arm’s length party transaction.

About GC-Global Capital Corp

Global Capital is a merchant bank, which provides bridge loan services, to companies across many industries such as oil & gas, mining, real estate, manufacturing, retail, financial services, technology and biotechnology. For further information, please contact Jason G. Ewart at (416) 488-7760 or visit Global Capital’s website at .

Forward-Looking Information

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